Inspi(Red) Watch by Armani Against Aids

Red is the color of emergency, and AIDS in Africa is an emergency. Earlier we mentioned Apple’s Red iPod Nano that symbolizes aids relief in Africa. Since Bono and Bobby Shriver launched the (Product) Red campaign in the U.S. last month to help fund the fight to eliminate aids in Africa, cause-cautious shoppers have put these accessories on their most-desi(red) list! Giorgio Armani to answers the charitable call with a capsule collection from Emporio Armani that features accessories such as an Inspi(Red) watch. The watch has a 43mm stainless steel case with a coin-raised bezel and a leather strap. The strap is available in either black with red contrast stitching or red with black. It is a unisex timepiece and has a jumbo numerical display.

It is available in all Armani stores for about $225. Sixty percent of the 40 million people in the world infected with HIV/AIDS live in Africa. When you buy a (PRODUCT) RED product, the company gives money to buy pills that will keep someone in Africa alive. The idea is simple, the products are sexy and people live instead of die. It is consumer power at work for those who have no power at all. You can wear beautiful, iconic products – cutting-edge phones, funky iPods, trendy watches and still save the world!

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