Jacob & Co. introduces new limited edition ‘The Manhattan’ Watch

‘Jacob the jeweler’ as we all know him, is the elite class’s most sought after jeweler. But very few people are aware of his line of watches. And the latest limited edition watch by Jacob & Co. is just another example of his luxurious watchmaking style. Known as The Manhattan, this watch is signature Jacob with its extravagant style and finish. Jacob has smartly incorporated his jewels into this watch, making it a complete stone-studded affair. The hour and minute hands of this beauty are encased in a 3D box and studded with sparkling diamonds. But what sets this watch apart is its unique 3-dimensional dial, which features names of different areas of New York City. The places include New York’s famous Park Avenue, Wall Street, 5th Avenue, and Times Square, all of which are used as hour markers for the 1,2, 4, 5, 7,8, 10, and 11 o’clock markers.

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The remaining markers’ i.e. the 12, 3, 6, and 9 o’clock markers’ are diamond-studded shapes and numbers. This signature case measures at 29 by 29 millimeters plus protects a Quartz movement and 5 jewels. Furthermore, the Sapphire crystal protects the case while the crocodile strap adds the finishing touches. Excellent addition to Jacob’s collection, this limited edition watch is sure to create quite a stir.

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