Jaeger-LeCoulter Atmos Marqueterie pays tribute to Gustav Klimt

Jaeger-LeCoulter’s Atmos master pieces have been the talk-of-the-town since a while now. You would have very well come across earlier mentions of this mechanical miracle here. Yet again Jaeger-LeCoulter hits headlines launching its fifth successor – the new Atmos Marqueterie, raising a tribute to Gustav Klimt. The immaculate piece of art is an inspiration drawn from the artist’s famous frieze – The Waiting.

A compilation of skills and artistic craftsmanship, the new Atmos Marqueterie easily signs off as marquetry masterpiece. Ornately crafted with precision, the original marble and colored stone mosaic has been presented with marquetry motifs that covers glass cabinet showcasing the famed Atmos. Encased in an artistically defined structure, one could envision the creation as the artist’s attempt at vainly capturing the elusive mystery behind Atmos clocks.

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Strictly produced in a limited 10-piece edition, Jaeger-LeCoulter’s Atmos Marqueterie is by all means an ornate adornment anyone would wish for!