Jaeger-LeCoultre Duometre a Spherotoubillon features Dual-Wing mechanism

Jaeger-LeCoultre’s newest Duometre a Spherotourbillon which is mouthful to say is equipped with Dual-Wing concept which features a revolutionary mechanical movement with two separate mechanisms. Each of these mechanisms are independent of each other and has a supply of their own energy source. This source is housed in a single case and is in charge of powering time indications as well as driving additional function. This watch is the first watch to be adjustable to 1/2 second. In this watch Jaeger-LeCoulture has fabricated an additional axis to achieve a three-dimensional rotation movement which allows it to be effective in each and every position. It also spins around a second axis which is inclined at 20 degrees.

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The tourbillon is made of titanium with a diameter of 11.50 mm weighs only 0.518 gms. Appearance wise a lot of thought has gone into designing and creating this watch. The handcrafted bridges are non-treaded nickel silver and the parts are decorated with sun-ray patterns. The case is 42 mm and the dial exhibits hours, minutes and seconds along with reset system, date, age and phase of moon.
Duometre a Spherotourbillon is available in 18 carat pink gold and the platinum version is limited to 75 pieces only.
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