Jaeger-LeCoultre gifts Calibre 101 bejeweled watch to Queen Elizabeth II

So long lives this, this gives life to thee! A prodigious feat of micromechanics, iconic watchmaker Jaeger-LeCoultre, and official timekeeper of Queen Elizabeth II celebrated Her Majesty’s Diamond Jubilee Pageant with a gift of Calibre 101 jewelry timewear reflective of a piece she wore during her coronation 60 years past. What marvels Her Majesty certainly baffles us and believe us when we say this is a living example of rare and exquisite craftsmanship! A timewear, carefully crafted with 98 teeny parts weighing less than a gram in total and seamlessly studded in a 2 strain diamond strap, this calibre 101 timepiece is a part of The Royal Collection of Jaeger-LeCoultre- a preacher for precision who holds world record for the smallest mechanical movement that also freed timewear from its stereotypical round shapes.

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An advocate of daintiness and feminine eclecticism, Jaeger-LeCoultre has lent ideas to the most daring approaches in watch making and perhaps that is why, because of its quality of uncommonness, it has adorned the wrists of the noblest, including that of Queen Elizabeth II of England at her coronation in 1953. Came to being in 1929- a period known for cultural and technical progress, while the meticulous assembly of Calibre 101 will make you wonder, the impeccable jewels studded in a diminutive silhouette will test your aesthetic vocabulary.

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