Lamborghini AV-L001 is the world’s first watch to match a auto brand

What goes well with your Lamborghini; a gardening kit, suitcases or a Smartphone? Well, you can add a watch to the list too now, thanks to the Lamborghini AV-L001 (Adriano Valente). Limited to just 66 units per year, the Swiss-made watches are said to be the “world’s first watch in the world designed to match a car brand a model and not the opposite.” It is also said to be the only watch to be made available in existing car color.

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Priced at $35,100 apiece, the watch is also the first of its kind to be set in Karbonyte (C-Ti compound) or machined in AlTiCar (Aluminum-Titanium-Carbon) powered by an ENGINE-001 movement and a 42-hour power reserve… The watch will come in a “Closed” bottom in a brushed aluminum finish and an “Open” button on the face with a sapphire glass, brushed aluminum, and natural grey finishes. The color options include Ithaka Green, Edonis Yellow, Monocérus White, Pegasus Black, Borealis Orange, and Vulkan Red.

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