Le Cirque Animalier de Cartier collection of bejeweled timepieces

Bejeweled timepieces never go out of fashion. And if you love bling, then bejeweled timepieces are a must have for you. The Le Cirque Animalier de Cartier collection of timepieces is sure to appeal to not just bling lovers but watch connoisseurs as well. The collection comprises of three limited edition fine jewelry watches each with a dial that bears an animal/bird motif that is embellished with beautiful sparkling diamonds. The three bejeweled pieces are distinguished by the three different motifs – a panther, two lover birds and a snake. The three-dimensional forms of these motifs are protected by an open worked grid. The case of the timepieces opens like a powder case to reveal the bespoke dial. The three timepieces are made of the most precious materials including diamonds, mother-of-pearl, black enamel and white gold. The eyes of the panther glitter with exquisite emeralds.

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A work of bejeweled art, these bedazzling timepieces will have no trouble attracting the luxury lovers residing in the urban jungle.

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