RJ-Romain Jerome Space Invaders 1 watch with blue figures available at Colette, Paris

There is something incredibly interesting about old-school video games. And when they become a part of your fashion accessory, it shows how much you miss your good ‘old childhood days. The is something that seems to have prompted RJ-Romain Jerome as they have joined hands with Taito Corporation to bring out yet another Space Invaders variant called the Space Invaders 1 wrist watches at Colette, Paris. The pixelated game figures set in emblematic blue are now available at the boutique, but these are limited to just eight pieces.

The watch comes encased in a round shape 46 mm square dial similar to that of the Moon Invader collection and features steel coalesced with fragments of Apollo 11. The watch also comes with a dedicated Moon SilverRJ plate. The description of how the dial has been put together is interesting. The press release says, “The dial consists of three layers: the first two are bead blasted, and the “straight graining” gives a pixelated aspect to the third layer. Measuring around 3.5 mm each, the Space Invaders are meticulously machined one by one, applied by hand and lacquered in various colors.”
The limited-edition RJ-Romain Jerome Space Invaders 1 watch with pixelated figures that flaunt the emblematic blue color of the store are available for $18,300 at Colette.