Louis Vuitton Les Ardentes secret watch

The French maison of luxury entered the world of jewelry in 2009 and conquered that realm quickly. Perhaps it’s most well known collection is Les Ardentes, it is also what inspires their latest unique set of timepieces. The collection uses Louis Vuitton’s iconic monogrammed flower shape. While this monogram is most recognizable on a bag or wallet, it is no less recognizable set in jewels. The new range of timepieces are signature Louis Vuitton, there can be no doubt about that. While generally watches that feature diamonds, shine because of the diamonds or the design of the watch, the Les Ardentes watches distinguish themselves because they feature diamonds cut in the shape of the brand’s iconic flower. Now while diamonds are traditionally a girl’s best friend, a Louis Vuitton design made of diamonds is very close to unbeatable.

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The collection features, two cuts, the flower cut has 65 facets and the star 77, a regular brilliant cut has only 58. Now as all diamond enthusiasts know, much like a woman, the more facets a diamond has, the more it shines.
While Louis Vuitton’s Les Ardentes jewelry collection certainly does justice to the prestigious monogram, the watch collection is where it truly shines. The watch is a jeweled masterpiece with mysterious dial, that teases just the right amount. Delicately set, the secret watch comes with two kinds of straps either a jeweled bracelet, or a leather one. The French Maison truly captures the essence of a woman with this breathtaking collection.

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