Luxurious Louis Vuitton watch cases are the perfect abode for your timepieces

The perfect case for your exquisite timepieces is finally here. Luxury brand Louis Vuitton has unveiled two beautiful watch cases that will surely appeal to every luxury lover. The two cases, one a sumptuous 8 watch case and the other a 3 watch soft case are sure to be the perfect abode for your luxurious timepieces. The Louis Vuitton 8 watch case is crafted like a trunk and covered in classic Monogram canvas. Leather trim is reinforced with rivets and gold-plated brass corners. The lush interior is lined with microfiber and comprises of eight removable pads can hold 8 timepieces. The case can easily be turned into a suitcase and has a removable tray to hide other valuables. The Louis Vuitton 3 watch case is a chic home for your accessories. The case can hold 3 men’s watches or 4 women’s watches. Especially great while travelling, this stylish case is crafted in iconic Monogram canvas, with a soft and luxurious lining.

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The 8 watch case is priced at $4,070 while the 3 watch case is priced at $620.