Luxury watches for power women

Artistic, contemporary and feminine; we bring to you the in-vogue fashion preview in a ladies chronograph! The combination of function and Haute jewellery has the added bonus of providing an ultimate timepiece for wealthy, eloquent women. Watches for power women can take functionality far into the realm of edgy modern jewellery. Men’s fascination with watches has made timepieces essential accessories for women who want to work in the “masters of the universe” business world. As more women move up the ranks of business, and as their disposable income rises, the watch industry is racing to cater to their needs and desires. To succeed, brands must create luxury timepieces that express a woman’s personality and savoir-faire to both men and women. The business potential has prompted a number of major fashion brands to team with Swiss watchmakers, creating an alliance of top craftsmanship with the selling power of such names as Versace, Chanel and Louis Vuitton that are famed already for their clothing and accessories.

Albert Bensoussan, director of Louis Vuitton Watches quotes, “For women, the process is different than for a man, they are looking for something easy to use, generally a quartz watch that they don’t have to wind. And women don’t need all the complications that the men love. But just like the men, they look for quality and style.” Donatella Versace, the creative director of the Versace Group, which launched the DV One luxury watch last year states, “A businesswoman needs a successful mix of design and practicality.” The growing clout of power women in the watch market is reflected in the decision of two top Swiss watch magazines, Montres Passion and Uhren Welt, to include a new category for ladies’ watches in their “Watch of the Year” awards last year, and to make the first award to a strikingly assertive model from Charriol, of Geneva – the Kucha. As more watchmakers cater to the rising class of power women, more creative designers will surely follow the trail blazed by the Kucha. The bottom line is that an affluent woman will want to have something unique that differentiates itself with style and glamour.

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