MB&F HM3 Poison Dart Frog watch will pop your eyes out

The thing about MB&F watches is that whether you like slimy amphibians or not, their watches blow you away, nonetheless. This time around, they have decided to make the Dendrobates Leucomelas, or the yellow-black skinned poison dart frog, socially acceptable. And they have managed to do a swell job with the yet another HM3, this time it’s the HM3 Poison Dart Frog. This baby is packed in a high-tech zirconium case with a black layer of PVD. The black case stands up against an animated rotor, framed by an over-sized date wheel placed on a complication designed by Jean-Marc Wiederrecht.

Staying true to their style, the watch sports protruding eyes that sports bulbous hour and minute domes of Poison Dart Frog, so you don’t have to twist your arm to see the time.
The domes have been crafted using solid aluminum, weighing just over 0.5g, and are just 0.28mm, covered with two semi-spherical sapphire crystal domes shaped to perfection.
The limited to 10 watches are available exclusively at The Hour Glass.

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