MB&F launches limited edition HM3 ReBel watch, for rebels with a taste

Most rebels start without a cause and sometimes become a cause by themselves. Think about it, right from James Dean, Billy Idol to the Star Wars Rebel Alliance, rebellions made them the figure they are today. And you can now join the movement thanks to the MB&F. After creating the HM3 owl and the HM3 frog, this time the haute chronograph brand had brought the HM3 ReBel a black watch for your right hand. Nestled inside a black PVD-treated white gold case with sapphire crystal, the limited edition of 18 watches comes in two variants, the Starcruiser and the Sidewinder.

The 47mm x 50mm x 16mm watches come in an 18K White Gold/Titanium or 18K Red Gold/Titanium finish; the chronograph sports a 22K Rose Gold battle-ax shaped ‘mystery’ automatic winding rotor. The press release adds, “Under the ReBel’s black PVD-treated white gold case, charcoal-colored movement plates and bridges form a darkened backdrop to the flash of the 22K rotor as it speeds by, while white gold clover-head screws on top of the black case resemble rivets in an upmarket biker’s leather jacket”.
Thanks Maximilian Busser

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