Milus Apiana

Watches are an imperative part of any wardrobe. Though there are many watches to choose from, there are a few which stand out and are specially made to suit the female penchant for them. Apiana is the name of the new Milus women’s range, which is derived from the constellation of Apus, also known as Bird of Paradise. With its dynamically curved case and slim profile, it is another range of feminine watches from the house of Milus. The six-piece case is hand-screwed and the four lateral elements – two on each of the longer sides of the case – are also mounted with high-precision craftsmanship. The dial is the result of a complex manufacturing process and is reminiscent of Art Nouveau styling. The relief numerals interweave in silvery unity. The white or black satin strap moulds itself smoothly to the skin, continuing the striking colour of the dial around the wrist.

A stainless steel bracelet is also available. It offers additional variations in 18K white or red gold and with diamonds. Now that is one well-thought-of and elegant watch which any woman would proudly strap around her waist. I can’t wait to get one for me, I am sure you are equally eager if not less.

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