Miss Protocole Watches by Piaget are luxurious and stylish

With Valentines Day coming up, here is a great collection of designer watches to please your woman. The line goes by the name -Miss Protocole Watches and is another genius collection by Piaget. One of the best watches out of the collection is an XL version with a white gold case and dial covered in 332 brilliant-cut diamonds (1.97 carats) with a turquoise-mauve butterfly motif resting on a flower. The entire collection features interchangeable straps and uniquely stylish designs. Each motif in the Miss Protocole XL was created using the champlevé technique, where an artistic engraver, etches the design into solid gold while hollowing out the required areas.

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The detailing and craftsmanship of the enameller adds to the charm and beauty of the collection. The enameller fills in the hollowed out areas with enamel that has been ground into a powder and deposited wet and melted at over 800 degrees Celsius. After the creating several layers and heating each it’s sanded to smooth out the surface and glaze to make it shine. Lastly, a gem-setter sets the jewels onto the watch using the utmost care as not to break the enamel, which is extremely delicate. An exquisite collection with great attention to details, it will surely please any woman.

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