Mystery of Time Trible Axes Tourbillon with Planetary is for special people only

If you aren’t quite happy with your coffee table centerpiece, I can suggest the stunning new Timekeeper Chronometrie “Mystery of Time.” Taking 10 years to create the exemplary and eye candy chronograph is limited to just 12 versions. Crafted by watchmaker Tilmann von dem Knesebeck, the “Mystery of Time” comes with a Trible Axes Tourbillon with Planetary and takes inspiration from the planets, as you spot an Earth, Moon, and Sun in the middle of a glass dome.

Set inside a crystal case with 18-carat gold “wings” that can be opened and closed, the timepiece features 18-carat gold planets, while its crystal body and an innovative mechanical sliding drive are all handmade. The timepieces can be customized at will. You can add custom engravings, get casings, add gemstones and movement to make the chronograph truly unique.

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