Neuchatel’s Hautlence Labyrinth watch wants you to slow down, have some fun

While the world is in a frenzy to meet deadlines, tick things off to-do lists and make the most of the limited time we have on this beautifully orchestrated planet, Neuchatel’s Hautlence Labyrinth watch demands that you take a breather. It is what could be describes as the most expensive maze to be worn on one’s wrist. It comes in a titanium case and consists of a platinum ball that moves around an 18-karat rose gold maze. It is also available in an optional white gold build. It isn’t a watch, really, but just something that makes you momentarily forget about one as you move your wrists gingerly enough to solve the maze. The case bears the original style of the brand and measures 43.5mm (w) x 37mm (h) x 13mm (d).

The brand has Eric Cantona as its brand ambassador and the man wears a frown as efficiently as anyone ever could. And as he stares down at this contraption with a wrinkled brow we understand how important it could be to take this step back from the schedule. The mechanics are fantastic. As soon as the maze is solved, the ball leaves the dial, needing you to trigger a mechanical life with the help of the crown.
This amusing childhood game will cost you 12,000 Swiss Francs ($12,133).

[ Via : Monochrome ]