Not so Swiss – A million fake Swiss watches were seized in 2016

The luxury industry may be slowing down but you can be reassured by the fact that the fake watch industry is still thriving. In 2016, approximately one million fake Swiss watches were seized from around the globe and the same number of advertisements online for fake watches were also removed. Most of the counterfeits were seized from China however other hubs are emerging too as 130,000 fakes were seized in Turkey, 70,000 in Dubai and 9,000 in Russia.

The demand for fake watches is similar to that of other counterfeit luxury goods like bags, shoes etc. In 2015, Hong Kong and China were the major players in the racket with 80% of all intercepted fake goods shipments to Switzerland were from these sites. On the other hand Turkey emerged as the main destination from where travellers brought fake goods into Switzerland, accounting for around 40% of all traffic.

The FH is putting more emphasis on its monitoring of the internet and social media networks for advertisements for these fake watches. They have also trained authorities in susceptible locations including Dubai, London’s Heathrow airport, San Francisco, Nice, Lisbon, Brussels, Prague, and Athens to spot fakes.