Orbita Carolo watch winder is based on a carousel design

Orbita, the Swiss-based luxury watch winder company, is a name synonymous with quality, style, and endurance. The Orbita Bergamo 40 and Avanti 8 stand proof to that. Adding to this list of perfect watch winders is the recently unveiled Carolo watch winder sporting a stylish hexagonal shape that could ideally store six watches. Now, all you watch enthusiasts can preserve your high-end automatic watches in the new Carolo.

The hexagonal case of the Carolo has been expertly paneled in carbon fiber and mounted on a ball bearing swivel, which allows the unit to rotate manually. Though engineered for six watches, the case has been powered to stack, thus growing with your collection of watches.

Priced at $4,995, the Carolo is in-built with six long-life Orbita Lithium batteries. Every winder has been separately programmed and has its own separate power supply, maintaining accuracy in the winding. Built-in a compact size, the Orbita Carolo Watch Winder can be easily stored in a safe, shallow cabinet or shelf.

[Via – Orbita and Robbreport]