Orbita introduces the ultimate LED Flashlight series for timekeepers

If you thought all flashlights are the same then you’d be wrong. While regular flashlights may help you find your way back to campsite or provide illumination when the lights go out, Orbita’s new embedded Watchlight LED Flashlight Series 2014 are used to find the good stuff.

Orbita, the Swiss-based luxury watchwinder company has revolutionized the world of flashlights. This new series of multi-functional luxury illumination tool, powered by a high-energy rechargeable #18650 Lithium-Ion battery, deliver an unprecedented level of intense white light with great efficacy.

Interestingly, the structural components embedded in the Polyester body are a collection of actual watch parts- dials, gears, bridges and balance wheels. The LED is mounted in a machined and polished aluminum parabolic reflector, which also acts as a heat sink, and is protected by a sealed clear sapphire crystal lens that is scratchproof and impact resistant. The LED powered Watchlight provide pure white light output and are life rated for 100,000 hours of operation.

Choose from three distinctive series- Goldlight, Lighthouse and Slimline; each one offering several programmable operating modes in timeless design. The flashlight comes complete in a lacquered wood gift box with an Italian leather holster and lanyard.

[Via – Robbreport]