Orbita Bergamo 40 Watch Winder cabinets are designed for earnest watch collectors

If you are a serious watch collector, and have an enviable collection of exquisite and rare chronographs, then you need to be loaded with watch winders to keep them all wound and working. And if you have too many watch winders, it makes it all the tougher to keep track of everything. And so Orbita has come up with the Bergamo 40 Watch Winder cabinet to make your watch collection up to date and safely stored. The stunning Bergamo 40 can house as many as 40 watches while doubling up as a tasteful piece of fine furniture. The back of the cabinet can see he raised higher on lower using a remote control, to convert the cabinet into a showcase Made in Italy, you can pick from a range of woods, finishes, and styles, all custom made. Prices for the winders begin at $60,000.


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