Orbita unveils the exquisite Avanti 8 watch winder cabinet

Watch collectors will surely fall in love with Orbita’s new watch winder line known as Avanti 8, which is based on the Avanti 12 line. Like every other line from the North Carolina-based maker of watch winders, this new line, too, promises to make a living with a collection of mechanical watches extremely convenient and easy. The Avanti 8 is an exquisite wood cabinet that comes in either a pedestal or wall-mounted unit. The beautiful wood cabinet has glass doors that open to reveal eight programmable watch winder units. What is more, the Avanti 8 offers ample storage space as Orbita has removed the bottom third row of the watch winder from the cabinet. This extra space can be used by watch collectors to store additional watch items or accessories. Orbita even offers some modules that can be fitted into this additional space.

Besides the obvious wood and glass, other materials used to make the Avanti 8 are carbon fiber, steel, brass, and chrome or gold plated steel hinges. The Avanti 8 cabinet is available in two types of wood, Macassar and Madrona Burl, while an AC/DC adapter powers the units. Standing 20 inches tall, 23 inches wide, and 9 inches deep, the Avanti 8 is priced at $10,000. From the cost point of view, this price is considered mid-range in the world of quality watch winders.