Piaget Four Seasons Limelight Dancing Light watch collection sparkles

Everybody loves at least one season out of the four seasons that nature brings to our glory each year. Piaget ‘Four Seasons’ Limelight Dancing Light Collection embraces that phenomenon and features four timepieces designed to signify each of the four seasons- Spring, Autumn, Summer, Winter. Spring is represented by butterflies polished or gem-set and flutter above a dial of flowers made of pink and green mother-of-pearl marquetry. Summer is featured by a diamond-paved dial center surrounded by Bees flying above a sky-blue mother-of-pearl dial with poppies strewn amongst wheat ears. Leaves in polished or gem-set white, pink and yellow gold come together on the violet mother-of-pearl marquetry dial to represent autumn.

Winter is suggested by polished or gem-set gold snowflakes that drift above an ice-blue mother-of-pearl dial, while Superluminova accentuates certain snowflakes and glow at night. A sparkle of diamonds represents winter’s chilly tones.

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