Piaget Love Letter Limelight watches seal the time with opulence

I came across these ornate watches from Piaget at Luxist and thought them to be as distinctive as they could be. Well known for its expertise at watch making as well as jewelry, the brand has come up with an exclusive line for Valentine’s Day. The Piaget Love Letter Limelight watches are compact envelopes that open to reveal a black or mother-of-pearl dial set with diamond markers. The envelopes come wrapped in stingray leather or paved with diamonds that are set with either a ruby or a yellow diamond at the opening. Gently opening the envelope reveals a glittering message of love in the shape of an exquisite black or mother-of-pearl dial set with twelve diamonds. Moreover smart lovers can also leave personalized words in this precious envelope.

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One glance at the hour and you can enclose the time with the festooned case. Folks around you are gonna may mistake it for a bracelet.