Porsche Design Worldtimer P’6750

Porsche Design is the new Midas touch in this day and age. Almost everything it designs is making it big somewhere. They have a remedy for those who are in one part of the world during the day and another part by evening. Such folks need not wear two watches or adjust their watch to different time zones. Just strap a Porsche Design Worldtimer P’6750 on the wrist and know what time is it in both the side of the world at that moment. But that’s not the only reason I am discussing this timepiece. Recently exhibited at the TFWA World Exhibition, it has received the coveted iF Product Design Award from the German organization Industrie Forum Design.

In a further accolade, Porsche Design’s P’9521 mobile phone has been voted Product of the Year for 2007 in the luxury mobile phone category by readers of connecting telecommunications magazine.