Pre-Vendôme’s rare Mare Nostrum watch from 1993 is up for grabs

Vintage watches are really to die (or kill) for. And when you can buy them outside an auction, even better right? Well if you are into watches, then you will be thrilled to know that the rare Mare Nostrum from 1993 is now on sale! What makes this watch special that it was created as revamp of the officer’s deck watch never really went into full scale production on only 398 watches were in actual possession of Vendôme, the parent company of the chronograph! The rest of the watches went on to be the Slytech variant.

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Revived for Panerai in the year 1993, this 42mm wrist watch comes with a stainless steel; it has a blue dial, and a tachymeter dial. The 1 o’clock mark has the words “KM/h”, and later editions were known as the tachymeter. The watch has an ETA 2801-2 with Dubois-Depraz 3127 chrono module movement. The pricing is available on request, which means you might have to shell out an obscene amount of money to buy this one!

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