Ralph Lauren Sporting Watch is an ode to 1938 Bugatti

Watches aren’t new to Ralph Lauren. The designer giant is known to travel from jewelleries to watches seamlessly. What’s new however is the inspiration. And this season Ralph Lauren’s muse is Bugatti. Ralph Lauren’s latest offering – a watch –is an ode to the 1938 Bugatti Type 57SC Atlantic coupe. Called the Ralph Lauren Sporting Watch, this wristy combines the luxurious wood finish of a Bugatti with a matte black dial, reminiscent of the car’s interior, along with the complexities of a good chronograph. Designed by none other than Jaeger-LeCoultre for Ralph Lauren, the Sapphire crystal back, self-winding watch highlight are the Arabic numerals, arrow-shaped hour and minute hands and an elm burl frame. This could be yours for $ 13,200.

Ah, the old hand of time!

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