Richard Mille’s RM HJ-0 jewelry watch redefines style with timeless design and striking gemstones

Richard Mille watches are back and this time they are more striking, more bejeweled and more impressive than ever before. The triple-decker cases, curved surfaces, and robust movements are now getting the alliance of precious metals, gemstones, and unparalleled watch making. Richard Mille introduced a series of new watches RM HJ-01 that will continue to blow your mind as its predecessors have. Cécile Guenat, Director of Creation and Development at Richard Mille, combined her background in fine jewelry with her fascination with Art Déco and envisioned the signature tonneau case in a completely new bejeweled avatar. The collection comprises four watches each of which is set with their own unique colored gemstone like ruby, blue sapphire, purple sapphire, and emerald. Of the four stunning watches, three are set in white gold while one shines in gorgeous red gold. The fastidious workmanship can be witnessed in the form of the striking visual lines and complex patterns of geometrical shapes. These designs are further enhanced by the use of three well-defined settings, like snow, closed and grain-set.

The case alone takes more than a year to build and k is made of black ceramic. The reference for black ceramic material is due to lightness and durability; this material has fine grains that provide a flawless finish much like Egyptian sculptures. You can’t miss the small but important details exhibited in this artistic timepiece, like for the very first time the brand’s famous spline screws have been redesigned and given a floral shape to run with the theme of the watches. You will find it interesting that the platinum and gold rotor, is also enhanced with ornamental stones, and drives the automatic movement of these Haute Joaillerie timepieces. A striking leather strap complements the buckle, which is also equipped with precious stones. A true, time-telling beauty!

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