RJ-Romain Jerome Spacecraft is the brand’s first pilot watch

The Swiss luxury watch company RJ-Romain Jerome has taken off on an intergalactic mission. The brand unveiled its first pilot’s watch, called the Spacecraft. The company has invaded galaxy before with RJ-Romain Jerome Space Invaders 1 watch, and RJ-Romain Jerome Moon Invader 40. Furthermore, after revealing the Octopus is the brand’s first diver’s watch, RJ-Romain Jerome is now conquering the pilot world. In collaboration with RJ’s Manuel Emch and watch designers Eric Giroud and Jean-Marc Wiederrecht, the new Spacecraft watch features a complication with its own discreet charm, combined with a pure, restrained design. Explore uncharted territories with Spacecraft’s trapeze-shaped model that combines retro-futuristic aesthetics and horological complexity. This watch surface echoes the aesthetic of spacecraft, with a black PVD-coated titanium case. It has a rectilinear profile that has a faceted surface.

The minutes of the watch is displayed by a black rotating disc with a red indicator on the sapphire crystal. The hour is displayed via a red-lacquered cursor moving beneath the metallized sapphire crystal every 60 minutes.

Whereas the linear hour display is read off laterally, giving time a whole new meaning. The Spacecraft watch is adorned with a black polyamide mesh strap, and the time setting is done via a screw-lock crown at 12 o’clock.

The RJ-Romain Jerome Spacecraft watch is available for $33,400 in the limited edition of 99 pieces.

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