Rolex Milgauss I Love You edition is customized with red hearts for Valentine’s Day

To make this Valentine extra special, leader in luxury watch personalization, Bamford has launched a special edition ‘I love you’ Rolex Milgauss custom watch. These love-pieces cost £10,000 ($15,500) and if you hurry up you might be able to get one of the 10 limited watches to woo your darling. This unique 40mm Milgauss collection has been crafted keeping the original 1956 Milgauss in mind, like the unique lightening second hand. However, for features like Physical Vapour Deposition (PVD) and the new scarlet colour modification, one has to get in touch with the Bamford Watch Department. PVD, unlike PDA is a technical term.

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It is an advanced military coating resulting in an almost ‘diamond hard’ finish. However, we sincerely hope you do get some PDA after doling out £10,000 to say ‘I Love You’ the Rolex way.