Romain Jerome DeLorean DNA watch unveiled

RJ-Romain Jerome is quite famed for infusing the DNA of whichever brand or object it ties up with to bring watches to life, literally. After Titanic, Moon dust and Statue of Liberty it’s time for the haute couture brand to infuse some high-speed DNA to a special watch. The result of a collaboration between DeLorean Motor Company and RJ-Romain Jerome comes as a homage to the eighties legend, the DeLorean automobile. True to the original car, the DeLorean-DNA has been crafted entirely in brushed stainless steel, alongside the same materials as found in the DeLorean car’s original bodywork, which forms the steel of the bezel. The dial is engraved with “cross-strut traverses picking up the iconic X-shaped design” that reminds you that it’s an RJ-Romain Jerome.

Further similarities to the vehicle’s design include reference to the wheel rims through a “ring surrounding the minute counter at 3 o’clock”. The small second’s dial has hues similar to the car’s tail-lights, and the caseback sports a medallion engraved with a DeLorean. Limited to 81 units, the watch has been finished with an upholstered leather strap with an anthracite grey stitching like that in the DeLorean car’s insides.

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