Ronaldo gifted the Titanic-DNA watch

What could be better than owning something from antiquity? The answer: nothing! Truly, it’s such a great feeling to be the sole owner of something that goes down in the book of history and then you happen to boast of being a part of history! Well case in point, best top scorer of the World Cup finals, Ronaldo received the first Titanic-DNA watch which was presented to him by Mr. Yvan Arpa, CEO of the Geneva-based Romain Jerome factory. Apparently, Romain Jerome is creating products that have a connection to iconic figures in history and hence they have crafted this Titanic –DNA watch and it’s not just the name, Titanic that will make it so historic it is actually made from steel and coal from the remains of the legendary Titanic, the ocean liner which sank in 1912. The metal has been certified as authentic by the Titanic’s builders Harland and Wolff. It is very luxurious and very inaccessible, Yvan Arpa was quoted saying. The gold, platinum, and steel timepieces have black dial faces made of lacquer paint that includes coal recovered from the debris field of the Titanic wreck site.

It may seem a rather morbid thing to the sport but the manufacturers like to see it as a symbol of hope rather than a reminder of the tragic end of 1500 people. Well, all I can say is too each his own.

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