Sea Instrument – The World’s Most Sophisticated Dive Computer Launched

LINDE WERDELIN recently launched the most sophisticated dive computer named Sea Instrument in Geneva. The company has pushed all boundaries of the modern-day dive computer blending groundbreaking technology, precision, and craftsmanship with the very best in Danish design and software with this product. This instrument is cased in lightweight aluminum that enables divers to choose either a natural or black anodized aluminum finish. The first dive computer with a transflective LCD, the Sea Instrument has all the functions you need to protect and guide you in the water. The display is covered by sapphire crystal glass, second only to diamond in hardness, ensuring complete scratch resistance. With an easy-to-use interface, it offers superior legibility underwater responding automatically to the environment and the conditions both on land and underwater giving the first-class display even in the most awkward of light situations.

Not only that, it also allows you to re experience your dives on the 55mm colour LCD screen or by uploading them to your computer. The launch of the Sea Instrument brings the ethos of LINDE WERDELIN full circle; a family of mechanical sports watches and a family of digital instruments providing protection, guidance and re-experience when needed. This Instrument will be available from October this year.