Star Caliber 2000…A gentleman’s watch!

I think pocket watches are in vogue again. Earlier we covered the very futuristic pocket watch and mobile phone by Tag Heuer, and now the very classy, elegant and timeless (pun intended) Star Caliber 2000 Pocket Watch. This masterpiece of sorts is the brainchild of Patek Phillippe, a genius in his own right. Its bassine-style hunter case has two sprung covers which can be selectively opened with a push button in the winding crown unveiling not just a view at the time, it also incorporates 21 different complications such as a perpetual calendar, sunrise and sunset times combined with a 24-hour day/night indication and the dial on the back shows the relative movement of the nocturnal sky, the lunar orbit, and the moon phases.

I fail to believe how something so small and so easy to use can actually be made of a 1000 parts. The Star Caliber 2000 is the only pocket watch ever to reproduce exactly the celebrated chimes of the Westminster clock tower in London.Its a perfect gift for the perfect gentleman and perfectly priced at $250.

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