Swarovski teams up with Tokujin Yoshioka for Lake of Shimmer – AVANT Time N˚3 timepiece

You know of Swarovski because of the famous Swarovski crystals. Well, we bet you are not very familiar with their watches. Recently they unveiled their “LAKE OF SHIMMER “- AVANT Time N˚3 watch for Baselworkd in March 2012. For this, they teamed up again with famed designer Tokujin Yoshioka. This elegant shimmering timepiece is made entirely from one piece of twelve faceted crystals. The bracelet, however, is based on Tokujin’s Swarovski stand, which he had designed a few years earlier for Baselworld in 2009. The Swarovski stand itself was designed to represent the reflection of sunlight on the surface of the lake. The “Lake of Shimmer” watch represents exactly what it is named after and exudes gracefulness along with shimmering chic.

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