Tag Heuer Carrera Connected the first Smart Swiss watch

As a trend, we’ve seen smartwatch manufacturers take their handheld devices as the base and inspiring the designs of smartwatches. But how about something that was done the other way round? Tag Heuer has gone all the way to bring the smart to the complexity of a luxury watch with the Carrera Connected smartwatch. The watch will be made of titanium and come with six customizable watch bands. This surely is a long way from the former not-so-smart Carrera watch by the company.

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All this smartness stems from the Google Android Wear operating system that has been employed in the working of the watch. Both Intel and Google have inspired the technology of the watch. This could well be the first of many integrations between the league of leading Swiss watchmakers and the technology giants of America. You can choose from up to three customizable watch faces and explore even more of them from the Google Play Store. Of course, it’s Tag Heuer so the face the watch will have more analog to it than all the sleek and gleaming smartwatch characteristics.

CEO Jean-Claude Biver indicated that the watch would most likely work with features similar to that of the Apple Watch. Also, it would retail for $1,500.

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