Tag Heuer Stöckli skis are a must-have this season

There is no denying the precision and class of the Swiss watchmaker. And added with the technological finesse of Tag Heuer, you have a winner. But what takes the biggest slice of pie is a collaboration – gang of the titans. The Stöckli ski production factory and Tag Heuer has launched the TAG Heuer Stöckli Special Ski Edition to prove all the above points. With the season of joy here, so is the season of skiing and this launch is an ideal festive season binge.

tag huaer 2
The watchmaker pays a tribute to the country’s most popular sport with this affiliation. Men who have a keen sense of class and sophistication as well as an adventurous spirit will most definitely be drawn to the idea of skis. It is designed with utmost dexterity and care, and comes in a striking combination of red and black.
tag huaer 3


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