Tag Heuer to enter smartwatch space with Intel and mystery Silicon Valley company ‘that’s not Apple’

Tag Heuer is gearing up to enter the smartwatch race and have teamed up with one of the chipmaker Intel. At the next Baselworld event the companies plan on showing off their latest creation to the world in the hope that they will have something relevant to thrill loyal fans and tech enthusiasts. Although there was no concrete evidence suggesting that Google will also be a part of this team Tag was being rather clandestine at their press conference in Basel, saying they were not prepared to give out any information yet, till ‘execs from Silicon Valley’ arrived for the Baselworld 2015, and that the ‘execs’ in question were not with Apple.

Jean-Claude Biver, president of LVMH Watches Worldwide, in a press conference with Bloomberg, did mention that although the design, concept, dial and the crown would be Swiss made, the software and corresponding hardware would come from Silicon Valley. Biver also mentioned, in the Reuters’ interview, that the company was keen on doing something that would be an industry first; something that was “different and unique”. That’s not going to be easy at all.

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If it weren’t for the potential Google involvement we would have been inclined to think this would not be a smartwatch like the LG Watch Urbane, but more akin to the Breitling B55 Connected i.e. a watch without an LCD display panel but nonetheless capable of various measurements and readouts, but required to be used in conjunction with its connected smartphone to access information. However, in the same interview with Reuters, the company did mention that the Tag Black Carrera watch would be used primary design concept for this project and that users would feel like they were wearing that watch even though it was, in some form, just a ‘digital’ replica.

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The company does however, seem quite dedicated to the job of producing such a device and has gone to the length of splitting their R&D division into two separate departments to better focus on the project from different perspectives – including the technology and engineering that would go into such a concept. Although there’s still no solid information about the smartwatch, we do know that Tag has brought superstar DJ David Guetta on board for this project; not that means much at this stage.

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