The Bovet-Pininfarina OttantaTre Tourbillon jumps hours and retrograde minutes

There is no end to the marvels which watchmakers leave at our disposal these days. The 2013 edition of the Bovet collection by Pininfarina is called OttantaTre and is the collection’s third tourbillon plus coincides with the 83rd anniversary of the Italian design house. The DIMIER 1738 movement (BOVET’s Manufacture de Haute Horlogerie Artisanale) is the highlight of the timepiece, and it is a picture of avant-garde vision, technical sophistication, and craftsmanship. It is further graced by a black cylindrical crown and black rubber strap. In a masterstroke, the timepiece boasts of being fitted with a tourbillon movement that jumps hours and retrograde minutes. 24 times a day, the hour disc and the minute hand begin a new hour cycle by an instant jump and work in unbelievable symmetry. The convertible Amadeo® system indicates that the second face of the OttantaTre Tourbillon shows the hours and minutes via two conventional hands.

The Bovet-Pininfarina OttantaTre tourbillon is available in red gold or white gold versions and is an 83-piece limited edition. This one will occupy a place of pride in a watch patrons collection, without a doubt.


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