The Tag Heuer Connected Watch will now come in Rose Gold

Tag Heuer is stepping into the future with a brand new version of their Connected smartwatch, and it’s not the usual steel or titanium fare either. The TAG Heuer Connected Rose Gold’s usual precious pink gold to make a statement as a leader in style and technology. The watch has been developed in partnership with Google and Intel and combines the functions and properties of a smartwatch with the look and feel of a traditional wristwatch.

The smartwatch features 4 GB of memory and is equipped with Bluetooth and Wi-Fi to allow the wearer to harness the full range of features offered by the Android Wear operating system. A latest-generation lithium battery keeps the watch going all day while the microphone allows users to communicate with it using Google Voice control. The IP67-certified watch is water-resistant for everyday wear and can be recharged using a contact charger.

Tag Heuer doesn’t want your smartwatch to become outdated with time so they’ve come up with a cool system to ensure that you get the most use out of it. After the smartwatch’s two-year warranty expires, owners can visit any Tag Heuer boutique and exchange their Connected watch for a Swiss-Made Carrera Calibre 5 mechanical watch. The Carrera Calibre features an identical design and is made from grade 2 titanium, this mechanical watch has been exclusively developed for and made available to owners of Tag Heuer Connected watches.
The TAG Heuer Connected Rose Gold is priced at $9,900.

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