The Ulysee Nardin InnoVision 2 takes horology to the next level

Ulysse Nardin is set to debut their new concept timepiece titled InnoVision 2 at SIHH 2017. This watch comes a full 10 years after the InnoVision and it’s also based on the brand’s Freak Collection. The watch promises 10 new innovations including 24-carat hard gold wheels, a Dual Constant Escapement and a silicone balance wheel with gold weights.

The brand has included silicone bonded elements and a “Grinder” automatic winding system which is a departure from other Freak watches which are manually wound. This particular system uses an oscillating weight paired with a ratcheting system to wind the movement.

The 6th innovation is the sapphire coated silicone bride which is given a boost of strength thanks to the sapphire crystal coating. The watch includes a glass component (a glass balance cock which holds the balance wheel) which offers improved shock absorption. The same component also features Super-LumiNova filled channels, this is more for form rather than function but it adds an extra dose of modernity.

While other Freak watches come in a 12-hour format, this one is a tad more intuitive. It features an hour numeral disc that shows the numerals 1-11 for the first half of the day and 13-23 for the second half.

Finally, the Three-dimensional glass minute hands stay true to the spirit of the Freak collection but adds some newness by incorporating glass yet again. Glass is still an unusual material for watchmaking and is one of factors that will set this timepiece apart at SIHH 2017.


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