The 2LMX is a futuristic looking timepiece

You’ve probably never seen this style of watch before. This creation is the idea of a man called Arnaud Tellier, former head of the Geneva Patek Philippe museum. The unique 2LMX watch uses a movement of four drums to display the time. Its drums within drums concept allows for ten digits to be shown in the limited space in a clever and modern way. The watch only has a 24 hour time format but what will really surprise you is its sapphire crystal face lets everyone see the magic of the gears and tourbillion in action, in real time.

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A manual winding system helps preserve over 120 hours of power making it truly forward in spirit. The watch case is 41mm wide and 50mm tall. The 2LMX watch comes in titanium, platinum, white gold and pink gold. The strap options include black and white rubber, alligator or leather whichever catches your fancy. But you will have to wait for this new age timepiece till 2012.

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