The Aston Martin AMVOX DBS Transponder: A high-tech watch for the DBS owner

Watch connoisseurs and car enthusiasts rejoice every time a new timepiece is announced by Aston Martin in collaboration with Jaeger-LeCoultre. And rightly so, as the collaboration of the two has led to the creation of some of the most hi-tech timepieces ever. The latest offering in the AMVOX series is a treat reserved for all DBS owners. Dubbed the Aston Martin AMVOX DBS Transponder, it is said to boast of the same chronograph functionality as the AMVOX2 line of watches. In addition to this, the watch also features a special miniaturized circuit that reads pressure on the sapphire crystal to allow locking/unlocking the car with nothing more than press on the watch’s face (the circuit is half the size of the one in the key fob).

Another exquisitely beautiful timepiece that oozes the two brands esteemed luxurious standards, this watch is a must-have for the DBS owner.

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