The Atrolabium Clock: Turns back time

Synonymous with the astrolabes developed by the Greek astronomers to determine the position of the Sun and the Stars, the Astrolabium clock performs functions way beyond counting off hours, minutes, months, and dates. Designed by Richard Hermle(a famous German clock making family), the Astrolabium clock is an identical representation of the beautiful 18th-century heaven machine built by the famous clockmaker Phillip Matthaus Hahn. This extraordinary precision instrument is mounted by a miniature globe of the earth which revolves around a solid brass Sun and attached to the earth’s gear is the Moon, which maintains it’s synchronous rotation around the earth. Synchronized with clocks skeleton quartz movement and 24 solid brass gears, all orbiting bodies move in real and precise timing.

The Astrolabium clock is based on solid Cherry with a mouth-blown crystal dome. The miniature earth is composed of 4 semi-precious stones including Abalone, Green Agate, Jade, and Mother of Pearl, cut in detail to depict oceans and the continents. The Astrolabium Clock retails for $1500.