The BRM Tourbillon TR1 watch for serious watch lovers

The new Bernard Richards manufacture TR1 timepiece, a first-ever French-made Tourbillon movement watch, draws its inspiration from motorsports. The BRM watches offer tasteful flashy designs with more focus on the mechanics part of it. The case is available in Titanium or Rose Gold, and its various parts come polished or brushed as per the customer’s specifications. A modified crown is featured at 2 for superior comfort, a solid buckle made from 12 individual pieces assembled by hand. Since the Titanium case is 18mm wide, it takes about 105 seconds to rotate. The rotors require no oil for lubrication as they are on ceramic bearings.

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The TR1 is recognized by watchmakers as the most complex watch to engineer, and you know why when you look at its innovative mechanical and aesthetic design elements. The exquisite TR1 timepiece is for serious watch lovers and mechanical enthusiasts only, and it goes on sale this month for $138,000.

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