The Collecting Rolex GMT-Master book updates on models from 50s till date

When you invest in a Rolex, you want to make sure that you have the real stuff and not some cheap imitation, and to ensure that their buyers are well-informed and pepped-up by the success of the first edition “Collecting Rolex GMT-MASTER wristwatches,” which is now sold out, Mondani Editor is out with a second version which will also feature more recent models with details “essential today for buying and selling GMT-Master watches and to improve the contents of the preceding edition.” Starting from the first models from 1950, right up to date, the book deals with questions like, “Are the aluminum bezel inserts of the ref. 6542 coeval? Is there a way to know if the bezel has been replaced? The ref. 1675 in stainless steel has been created with the possibility to fit two bezels: red/blue and black?

The collectors special will also talk about “prototypes, military models, bracelets and all case and dial variants”, apart from collectors reference numbers. The 25.5cm by 31.5cm book will be available in Italian and English versions and will be priced at CHF 420 ($505) and €350 ($490).

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