The Döttling Gyrowinder is the first watch winder to give a 360° turn to the watch

There are several safes doing the rounds, so what sets them apart? Well, style, and substance of course, both of which you will find in Döttling’s new Gyrowinder. The watch winder can turn watches in any direction thanks to a 360° turn, which the makers describe, “comes closest to wearing the watch on the wrist”, unlike others which turn watches on a fixed axis. It also considers that watches come in several sizes and shapes, and has been created to ensure all of them are well taken care of.

The safe is a visual feast, and is said to be made using “nautical navigation instruments with their gimbal mounts and their absolutely exquisite materials” and the foundation of the winder is said to germinate from the Kennedy Space Center, Florida’s astronaut training equipment. Quite a high tech and classy way to put your precious watches on display! The Gyrowinder will need about 4 months to shape up and ship,once a client orders it for 11.800 EUR ($15,000).


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