The Hermes Arceau Moonphase Retrograde pocket watches for the modern gentleman

Though pocket watches belong to the past, Hermes intends to revive this age-old fashion. Very few modern men can carry this vintage accessory with the style and panache it deserves. And for these few men, Hermes has launched the Hermes Arceau Moonphase Retrograde pocket watch, a gorgeous 18K yellow gold pocket watch with a distinctively elegant design. Powered by an exclusive automatic caliber from the high-end movement specialist Vaucher in Fleurier, this watch is definitely extraordinary. This beautiful watch sparkles in its sapphire crystal exhibition case back as the bridges and gold central rotor display the Hermes brand’s interlocking H’s.

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The dial with its central guilloche pattern, eccentrically-placed moon phase disc, blued central seconds’ hand, and fine Breguet-style Arabic numerals is a design marvel. A masterpiece, these 43.5mm pocket watches are limited to just 24 units, each bearing an engraved individual number as a subtle reminder of exclusivity.
A class apart, this watch is the perfect accessory for that perfect gentleman.

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