The smallest Chanel J12 watch unveiled to mark the 10th anniversary of the collection

The smallest Chanel J12 commemorates the 10th anniversary of the J12 series of the prestigious French fashion house. Sized at 29mm, it’s apt for dainty wrists eager to sport time without compromising style and size. The round case with a notched bezel encases a luxurious dial. The less flamboyant folks can settle for the high-tech ceramic and steel option in white/black, while those who consider diamonds to be their friends can flaunt the diamond-studded bezel version. A total of 40 diamonds weighing 0.9 carats sit atop the white or black bezel. While the white versions sport a mother-of-pearl dial, the black ones enclose a lacquered dial. Apart from the four numbered hours, the rest of the eight hours are marked with diamonds on the dial. Ideal to be worn casually with denim, it can also be teamed with a classic outfit to up its luxe quotient.

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The press release states that ‘This nano format is the result of technical prowess: The new diameterto- thickness proportions achieve sheer perfection, as do the hard ceramic links of the bracelet, cut down to the exact thousandth of a millimeter.’
(Most of) All good things come in small package and I am certainly in love with this smallest offering from Chanel J12 collection.

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