This is why Rolex is and will always be a must-have Luxury item

Rolex Daytona Rainbow

For the past several decades, Rolex has been one of the most prestigious, sought-after brands in the whole of the luxury watch market. Politicians, musicians, and film stars have all opted for a Rolex as their timepiece of choice. But why? The brand was born in London in 1905 but soon moved to Switzerland after the war. Since then the Rolex brand has gone from strength to strength offering opulent timepieces for those lucky enough to afford them. One of the things that makes these watches so special and so treasurable is the sheer quality of them. These watches go through an extremely precise manufacturing process, with every single essential component being made in-house.
Rolex is an extremely innovative company, with more than 500 patents under its belt. And while all Rolex watches are essentially hand-assembled, the engineers still use some machinery during the manufacturing process. Another pretty impressive feat is that Rolex literally makes its own gold (and platinum) in an in-house foundry and is one of the only known watch manufacturers to do that.

Each and every timepiece to leave the Rolex factory is checked with the highest scrutiny for any signs of imperfections. They’re each given their own unique serial number and photographed and cataloged at various stages too.

So, What Makes a Rolex so Sought After?
There are many reasons as to why Rolex has such a big following, but these are the main ones:
Looks: These are luxurious, high-end items that would look great just about anywhere. The right Rolex will make even a t-shirt and wellies look sexy. And for some people, getting their hands on a classy Rolex is more about this then it is for investment reasons.

Value: Unless it’s damaged in some way, you can be pretty certain that your Rolex watch will increase steadily in value. With Rolex being a great investment choice, it makes them very popular among the rich and famous and also those wanting to gain a little status. Not only does it add value to the individual’s style, but investing in a high-end watch is also helping to protect one’s cash.

Status: Because they are so very well-known watches among the rich and famous, wearing a Rolex will give you instant credibility. It can be used a way of working your way into a group slowly and is a great conversation piece.

As you can see, there’s quite a lot that goes into making each and every one of these prestigious watches.

With each Rolex being made from the best quality precious metals and materials, and each one being individually hand-assembled, it’s easy to see how Rolex has remained a must-have luxury item throughout the years. There’s also an extremely large selection to choose from, so even the fussiest of people are likely to find a Rolex to suit.
So, if you are looking for a top-quality watch to wear on your arm with pride, and know that it’s only going to increase in value over the years, then a Rolex is definitely a good choice for you.

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